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The Urbanisation in Developing Countries programme produces academic papers, databases, background reports and presentations. With our work we aim to contribute to knowledge creation around the causes and consequences of differing patterns of urban growth.
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Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012

19th Sep 2016, Published Paper

Authors: Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch

Do fixed geographic features such as coastlines and rivers determine town locations, or can historical events trap towns in unfavourable locations for centuries? We examine the effects ontown locations of the collapse of theWestern Roman Empire, which temporarily ended urbanizationin Britain, but not in France. As urbanization recovered, medieval towns were more oftenfound in Roman-era town locations in France than in Britain. The resetting of Britain’s urban networkgave it better access to natural navigable waterways, which mattered for town growth from1200-1800. We conclude that history trapped many French towns in suboptimal locations.

Economic Journal, 2016

Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012

5th Aug 2016, Submitted Paper

Authors: Guy Michaels, Ferdinand Rauch

This paper examines the effects on town locations of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, which temporarily ended urbanization in Britain, but not in France.

Economic Journal, forthcoming

The Heterogeneous Effects of Transportation Investments: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa 1960-2010

20th Jul 2016, Working Paper

Authors: Remi Jedwab, Adam Storeygard

This study looks how the effects of transportation investments vary as a function of the characteristics of the places they connect.

Does Investment in National Highways Help or Hurt Hinterland City Growth?

6th Jun 2016, Working Paper

Authors: Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Loren Brandt, Vernon Henderson, Matthew A. Turner, Qinghua Zhang

This paper investigates the effects of the construction of the national highway system in China on local economic outcomes.

Building Functional Cities

20th May 2016, Published Paper

Authors: Vernon Henderson, Tony Venables, Tanner Regan, Ilia Samsonov

This paper models the dynamics of urban land use with both formal and slum dwellings and ongoing urban redevelopment to higher building heights in the formal sector as a city grows.

Science  20 May 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6288, pp. 946-947 


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