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The Urbanisation in Developing Countries programme produces academic papers, databases, background reports and presentations. With our work we aim to contribute to knowledge creation around the causes and consequences of differing patterns of urban growth.
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Building the City: Urban Transition and Institutional Frictions

27th Nov 2017, Working Paper

Authors: Tony Venables, Vernon Henderson, Tanner Regan

This paper models a growing city, and focuses on investment decisions and consequent patterns of land use and urban density.

Building Functional Cities

20th May 2016, Published Paper

Authors: Vernon Henderson, Tony Venables, Tanner Regan, Ilia Samsonov

This paper models the dynamics of urban land use with both formal and slum dwellings and ongoing urban redevelopment to higher building heights in the formal sector as a city grows.

Science  20 May 2016:
Vol. 352, Issue 6288, pp. 946-947 

Enabled to Work: The impact of government housing on slum dwellers in South Africa

29th Mar 2016, Submitted Paper

Author: Simon Franklin

This paper looks at the link between housing conditions and household income and labour market participation in South Africa. It uses four waves of panel data from 2002-2009 on households that were originally living in informal dwellings and shows that households that received free government housing later experienced large increases in their incomes.


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