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Uber is arriving now: Driving urban mobility in Africa

4th Nov 2016

Authors: Julia Bird, Astrid Haas

The Uber revolution has arrived. The ride-share app launched services in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and more recently in Uganda and Ghana. One of the biggest potential benefits of Uber in African cities could be to provide urban planners and authorities grappling with how to manage rapid urbanisation with access to data. The app collects substantial data on ride times, routes, and estimates of the supply and demand for paid transport.

Urban experimentation: How housing, transport, and infrastructure projects are revolutionising Addis Ababa

28th Oct 2016

Authors: Julia Bird, Simon Franklin

With increasing migration into African cities, the planning and design of emerging cities becomes increasingly important. Greater efforts to provide affordable housing, better transport links, and investments in infrastructure around Addis Ababa have shown tremendous promise in helping shaping the city into a more productive, inclusive, and liveable space for the new waves of urban dwellers. The photos in this essay offer a window into the change unfolding in Addis Ababa.